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Communicating to Get What You Want.

Clearly communicate your needs and goals without treading on any toes. Ensure your message is received the way it was intended. Learn your own personal communication style. Make sure you are clear by understanding assertive versus passive versus aggressive styles. Learn to be assertive and influential.

Grief & Loss

This short course aims at exploring the process of grief and loss.

Quit Now

Use evidence based strategies to quit smoking for good.


Customer Service

How to deal with customers for win-win situation each time. Communicating clearly, avoiding conflict and defusing difficult situations. How to love what you do and show it!

Inspirational Leaders

Become an active and inspirational leader, motivating those around you. Explore the elements of leadership, including team building, conflict management, communication, managing complex staff and organisational issues.

Resilient Living

A short series of courses which encourages a resilient mindset. You will learn your own reliance IQ, as well as building resilience, including the 10 keys for resilient living.

Calmer Chameleon - Dealing with Change.

Learn the six stages of change, obstacles for change and lapse versus relapse prevention. You will be encouraged to explore your own habits related to change and risk factors for lapse behaviours. You will also acquire strategies to maintain motivation and morale during the change process.

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

Learn how to communicate effectively to diffuse difficult people and situations, coming out unscathed. Learn how to avoid taking on board other people’s stuff while staying positive and happy.


Mindfulness is a strategy which encourages people to stay in the present moment. It is greatly beneficial for managing stressful situations both in and outside the workplace.

Resolving Conflict for Managers

Strategies for managers to begin managing conflict in their teams. Explore complex staffing issues including toxic personalities.