Supporting Leaders

Being a leader in the workplace can be tough when it comes to managing people and sometimes support from a senior psychologist experienced in workplace human behaviour can help. All of our leader support is confidential and can help with a number of issues, including:

  • Assessing risk

  • Identifying mental health concerns in a worker

  • Communicating with regards to the EAP or bringing up mental health in a sensitive way

  • Communication

  • Team issues

  • Conflict

  • Reasonable adjustment

  • Fitness for work

  • Performance issues

  • Organisational change

  • Critical response

  • Breaking bad news

  • Improving morale


We provide training packages tailored for leaders and HR or Health and Safety professionals on key areas. See our Training page to learn more.


NewPsych also offers coaching to managers to help them achieve their best when it comes to managing people.  Coaching is a collaborative relationship with an aim of supporting a leader to be the best they can and optimise performance in managing people, maximising productivity, decision making and communication.  The phases of coaching involve establishing a partnership, developing goals and then working towards achieving those goals as well as periods of reflective process.

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Senior & Executive Leader Services

Senior Leadership Coaching provides a confidential environment where participants can speak openly about their concerns whilst committing to learning goals that may stretch, but be realistic. A study by the Institute of Executive Coaching (IEC) found that 90% of respondents believed coaching assisted them to think differently in their role, and 85% believed an external coach provided a safe place to talk about their issues that they otherwise wouldn’t address. Ninety-two percent of respondents said that “once they started thinking differently, they then acted differently”. This is how coaching produces results.


Other Workplace Solutions

NewPsych also offer professional clinical services to assist with organisational needs, including:

  • Conflict management and mediation

  • Support for employees who have been identified through the disciplinary process and provision of interventions to assist employees with related issues (e.g. substance use, anger management)

  • Fitness for Work and Return to Work assessments, reports, and planning.