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Education and Training

NewPsych has developed and delivered mental health training across diverse industries and organisations, working proactively with the business to identify and address any wellbeing or workplace concerns. Rather than a generic training approach, we prefer to understand the culture and the specific issues the people of each business face, and then design an intervention that will be most effective for their circumstances. We have targeted our training to leaders and staff, and find innovative ways to make workplaces healthier and more effective. 

See our catalogue of ‘off the shelf’ sessions below, which we adapt to your needs. Alternatively, we can work with you to develop something tailor-made for your people.

Contact our External Relations Officer Julia today to see what training solutions we can provide for your business.


That was really fascinating and illuminating.

Thank you so much!

I learnt so much in this session from other leaders and from the presenter, who has extensive knowledge about mental health. Highly recommended and, most importantly, could save a life.

Another awesome insight into life – thank you so much!

These sessions are great!
Thanks Dr Kristen and thanks WHS team for organising these.

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