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Our Team

We're highly trained and qualified. We're experienced and deeply passionate about what we do.


Life throws us all challenges. We know that talking to people with relevant experience and training in strategies that are proven to work can really make a difference.


We've earnt an excellent reputation because we take care to listen to each person we meet with, and we work together to help with solutions to get back on track.

We offer a range of psychologists, including Clinical Psychologists, Forensic Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Counsellors, as well as psychologists with post-graduate qualifications.


We have a large team so we can match you with a psychologist with experience in your particular area of need.


By working as a team to support each other, sharing knowledge and ideas, we give you access to a very broad range of knowledge and clinical experience.

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Our Clinicians


Our Psychiatrists

Indigenous Experience

Indigenous Experience


Couple & Families