Executive Team

Under the guidance of our Director Tarnya, NewPsych’s executive team ensure we deliver high-quality, innovative, proactive and response services to everyone we work with, in line with our aim to help people achieve meaningful change. In addition to our executive team, psychology team and psychiatrists, we have a large administrative team who are skilled, responsive, and passionate about helping everyone who comes to NewPsych. 

Tarnya is NewPsych’s Director and Principal Clinical and Forensic Psychologist.  With almost 30 years’ clinical experience, Tarnya has been the sole director of NewPsych for over 25 years.  During this time, NewPsych has supported 35 000 clients, and been chosen by over 100 business to support their combined 50 000 employees. 

From her experience supporting business and people during times of trauma including sudden and unexpected death, Tarnya has developed the best practice critical response model, PRIMES (prevention, responsive intervention, multilayer enduring support) which has been presented at NSW Mining’s HSEC conference.  She leads a team of clinicians across Australia who are committed to evidence-based best practice interventions for individuals, teams and businesses.   She is an author and sought out expert speaker and consults with the media and industry leaders on all things psychological. 

Tarnya Davis

Tarnya Davis

 Clinical Director and Principal

With a background in community mental health and experience in leadership and human resource development, Julia supports organisations and other external agencies to access expert psychological and workplace services from NewPsych. Julia holds Honours in Psychology and a Master of Business Psychology, as well as professional membership with the Australian Human Resources Institute. Julia collaborates with NewPsych’s clinical team to coordinate, develop and deliver EAP services to the businesses we support across Australia.

Julia Koller-Smith copy.png

Julia Koller Smith 

External Relations

As NewPsych’s Client Services Leader, Tegan is responsible for ensuring that all of our Client Services Team are supported to provide an exceptional service experience to every single person who has contact with NewPsych.


Tegan has been with NewPsych since 2012 and contributes extensive knowledge and insight to ensure that we are constantly working in the most efficient way to support our team and our clients. Tegan ensures that clients and the team are supported and their needs met in a timely manner, to an exceptionally high standard.  She also plays a vital role in ensuring that NewPsych demonstrates our organisational values in all of our interactions with clients, staff, clinicians, business relationships and the broader community.


Tegan Maloney

 Client Services Leader

As the Clinical Support Officer, Kelsey is responsible for overseeing and supporting NewPsych’s team of over 45 Psychologists.


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychological Science and an extensive background in client services and administration, Kelsey brings key insight and value adding procedural systems to ensure the administrative and support needs of our clinicians are consistently met to an exceptionally high standard.


Kelsey Walters 

Clinical Support

Lisa is responsible for Communications & Culture at NewPsych and brings her extensive corporate experience gained from the legal and property industry to us here in the allied health sector.


Lisa has successfully assisted in the implementation of varied projects across NewPsych and understands that shared values and staff engagement are key in building a dynamic, supportive and empathic culture.


Lisa Thirlway

Communications & Culture

With 12 years’ experience in finance, Petrina has supported NewPsych as Accounts Manager including an integral role in the practice’s rapid growth, along with expanding practice space.


With NewPsych providing EAP services to well over 60 organisations with employees across Australia, Petrina and the team ensure all these businesses are supported including prompt and accurate accounting. 


Petrina Chapman

Accounts Manager

NewPsych is committed to constant improvement and innovation, which is why we have a Systems and Innovation Leader. Callum is a problem solver, ensuring all clinical and administrative processes are efficient and effective, ensuring that our clients and customers have a streamlined experience of NewPsych.

Callum has over 10 years’ experience in administration and is studying Full Stack Engineering.


Callum Skilling

Systems and Innovation

Emily brings her keen interest for business analytics to her role as Data Analyst at NewPsych and ensures that both internal and external stakeholders have all the information they need at their fingertips to provide meaningful insights and help shape key decision making.

Emily is also responsible for building custom data solutions at NewPsych to consistently maximise our efficiencies and identify development opportunities. Emily is currently completing a Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Business.


Emily Conlon 

Data Analyst

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