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About us

NewPsych Psychologists is a team of psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, couples and family therapists, as well as an amazing support team, working together to help people like you to bring about change.


We are based in Newcastle, NSW and our team provides services throughout Australia.

Our vision and values 
Supporting our clients to make meaningful change

Our vision is to meet (and exceed) the support needs of all of the people we come into contact with, to an exceptionally high standard.

We demonstrate our organisational values in all of our interactions with clients, staff, clinicians, business relationships and the broader community.



We understand that everyone has different needs and we respect each client's uniqueness and individuality.


At NewPsych we help you to develop solutions and responses that are acceptable and meaningful to you.



At NewPsych we strive for a deep understanding of our clients' emotional experiences, to build meaningful connections based on our common humanity and help people take action to improve their wellbeing.


We stay connected with our team, our clients and the broader community.


We value our relationships and know that trust is important to develop and maintain these.


We are committed to diversity and social inclusion.


This includes Indigenous Australians, people who identify as LGBTQIA+,

people of all ages, people with a disability and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Our team is committed to providing the best quality and most helpful service possible to the community whilst always continuing to improve and develop our knowledge, skills and abilities.


If you feel in any way that we have not upheld these values or if you have any other feedback you would like to share, please call (02) 4926 5005 and ask for our Clinical Director or get in touch via the Contact Us section below.


We are always looking for ways that we can improve what we do here and create a safe space for everyone.

Privacy and confidentiality statement


NewPsych values the privacy of all clients and individuals whose information we hold. This Statement explains how we protect your personal information, including how it is securely stored and used.

Our policies and practices are intended to comply with and uphold the values of the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

How we protect your information

From your first interaction with us, any information you provide is stored securely within our client management system.

Throughout your care, our considerate administrative support team are dedicated to ensuring your privacy and confidentially.  This means that we will only request information that is necessary for the provision of care, with anything beyond this being limited to what you are comfortable sharing with us.

How we use your information

The key way we hold and use your personal information is for matters of administration in the provision of care. As a healthcare provider, we securely store your personal information which is:

  • Entirely confidential; and

  • Only accessible by a psychologist you are booked in with or for administrative purposes.

Outside of administrative purposes, we will only use your information based on your consent, or an ongoing authority you have provided to us.

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