About Us

NewPsych Psychologists is a team of psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, couples and family therapists, as well as an amazing support team, who all work together to help people like you to bring about change.  We are based in Newcastle and our team are available to provide services throughout Australia.

Our Mission -
to support our clients to make meaningful change

We know that everyone experiences tough times. We also know that talking things through with a trusted professional can help you to feel supported, think differently, and identify solutions. By providing the safety to talk things through, we can help you to take action and improve your happiness and well-being.


We know change is sometimes difficult, but we also know that people can do it, because we are privileged to see people make amazing life changes every day.


So take the first step towards building the kind of life that you really value.


This isn't just about today. It's about the rest of your life.

Our Values



We understand that everyone has different needs and we respect our clients’ uniqueness and individuality. At NewPsych we help you to develop solutions and responses that are acceptable and meaningful to you.



At NewPsych, we strive to provide the compassionate care that we would all want for ourselves and our families.


We stay connected with our team, our clients and the broader community.  We value our relationships and know that trust is important to develop and maintain these.