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Workplace Specialists

NewPsych's EAP team includes clinicians with extensive expertise in organisational frameworks, workplace issues and interventions, and understanding human behaviour at work. Our team of workplace specialists offer a diverse range of skills and services, ensuring that no matter what is happening for a business or its people, we have a clinician with expertise who can help.

Tarnya is NewPsych’s Director and Principal Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. With almost 30 years' clinical experience, Tarnya has been the sole director of NewPsych for over 25 years. During this time, NewPsych has been chosen by over 100 businesses to support their combined 50 000 employees.

Tarnya offers her experience and expertise through consultation with business leaders to understand their needs and support them with complex people issues. Tarnya has also developed the best practice critical response model, PRIMES, which has been presented at the NSW Mining HSEC conference, and which NewPsych implement in delivery of critical incident support.

Tarnya Davis

Tarnya Davis

Kate is a registered psychologist with over 10 years experience working in mental health in a variety of fields. Her experience extends through organisational psychology frameworks, psychosocial hazards, conflict resolution and critical incident supports along with person-centred clinical intervention.


Kate also has extensive experience in workplace health, along with experience in navigating Commonwealth and State based disability, compensation and insurance schemes.


Kate completes Fitness for Work Assessments and assists organisations with psychological health and safety planning and risk assessment.

Kate Maher.png

Kate Maher

Jane is an Organisational Psychologist, registered Psychologist, and Fellow of the Australian Human Resources Institute, and has over 30 years’ psychological experience.


Jane commenced her career in the steel and maritime industries initially as a Metallurgist, later in Industrial Relations and Human Resources.


Jane provides extensive services for people-related needs in organisations, from workforce planning, coaching for senior and executive leaders, performance, workplace relationships and conflict, strategic planning, training programs, psychometric assessment and pre-employment services, organisational change including redundancies and closures, industrial relations issues, and critical incidents.


Jane Chidgey

Paul Schott is a national training and consultancy expert, working with a range of government, not-for-profit and private sector companies. Paul is a Social Worker with 30 years’ experience in working in the health and community sector, and has 10 years’ experience as a management trainer and consultant. Paul has extensive experience in working with boards, managers and staff and has presented at National conferences.


Paul offers senior and executive leadership services, as well as organisational interventions such as in-house supervisor training, external supervisor coaching, team development workshops, board/governance review and training, strategic/work planning, project management interventions, group/meeting facilitation, partner integration and mergers, and service evaluation.

Paul Schott_2.png

Paul Schott

Simon is a registered Psychologist specialising in workplace issues and trauma. Simon provides mediation and conflict resolution services, including leader consultation and support.


Simon also specialises in working with individuals and groups who are experiencing the impacts of a work-related injuries or incidents (physical or psychological).

Simon Pertot

Simon Pertot

Kristen is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist who has worked in a variety of areas during her career. She brings a unique perspective as she works at the intersection of clinical practice and research. An expert in systems (organisational and people) change, her PhD focused on changing practice in five Australian hospitals. Kristen delivers training and education to build skills and understanding in a wide range of topics spanning workplace and mental health and wellbeing.


Kristen McCarter

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