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Organisational Challenges

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First Responders workshops

First responders are exposed to high levels of psychological distress, experiencing both first-hand and second-hand trauma. We know that 1 in 2.5 emergency first responders report being diagnosed with a mental health condition, and 1 first responder in emergency dies by suicide every 4 weeks.
This training assists businesses to manage psychosocial risk as first responders will be prepared for, and resilient against, critical incidents when they occur, reducing the likelihood of psychological injury. This session aims to provide participants with awareness and tools to prepare, identify signs of struggle in themselves and know how to reach out should they need support.

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Psychosocial hazards

Work is important to all of us. It is a protective factor for poor mental health – if you are working, you tend to have better mental health outcomes tied to purposes, meaning and connection. Work can also be a contributor to poor mental health. Things we might experience at work such as stress change, working relationships, conflict, boredom and so on have the potential to present as a psychosocial hazard for individuals and the broader team.
The Code of Practice: Managing psychosocial hazards at work (‘the Code’) was developed by SafeWork NSW as an approved Code of Practice under the WHS Act. The Code applies to all work and workplaces covered by the WHS Act. The Code provides valuable guidance to workers and workplaces, to bring psychosocial hazards into focus, assess risks and invest in safety beyond the physical.
NewPsych’s session on psychosocial hazards is designed to bring psychosocial hazards into focus, by training leaders to identify, assess and establish protective mechanisms against risks, to minimise the psychosocial hazards we see in the workplace.

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Customer Service

How to deal with customers for win-win situation each time. Communicating clearly, avoiding conflict and defusing difficult situations. How to love what you do and show it!

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Re-Entry Anxiety

When the pandemic first began and the world went into lockdown, there was initial fear due to the uncertainty of the future and how we could adapt to this new normal. However, it wasn’t long before working from home, zoom hang-out’s and home workouts felt normal and became the comfort zone in which we operated from. With the eventual ending of lockdowns, the world was once again forced to break all habits and routines we had adopted, and re-enter the “normal” world, resulting in heightened stress and worry. This may be particularly true for your employees as they return to an office environment. Allow the team at NewPsych psychologists to help explain the psychology of why this is a challenge, as well as strategies and tools to support the transition from hibernation to the new normal.

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Resilience is the armour of our psychological wellbeing. It allows us to be traumatised, hurt and impacted by tragedy but still get back up, and keep on going with life. We can train our resilience over time, with greater resilience allowing us to handle more stressful situations with ease.

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Understanding Planned Change

Coping is an essential part of life and within the workplace. But when we resist and oppose change, we put ourselves at risk for unnecessary distress. Learning how to better cope with change requires understanding how change occurs at an individual level and at an organisational level. NewPysch will also teach you strategies to better help you to cope with change, and navigate it within the organisation.

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Love Surviving and Thriving (despite the coal dust)

Relationships in general are difficult, with the added stressors of the miner’s lifestyle. However, being aware of these added difficulties and communicating them effectively to your partner is not always easy. This session will help to raise awareness of these added stressors and hopefully allow you to be better communicate them to your partner.

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Serious Incidents

The impacts of a serious incident within the mining sector can be felt throughout the workplace, beyond the individuals directly affected. Using NewPsych’s own model of trauma intervention, NewPsych has been a part of the emergency response to a number of serious incidents within the mining industry, providing ongoing trauma-related care at an individual level and on an organizational level. For this reason, we are the EAP provider of choice for mining operations throughout the Newcastle and greater Hunter regions.

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Juggling With Knives - Safety in the Workplace

While small accidents happen all the time in the workplace, in the mining industry, these small accidents can quickly become very dangerous. Therefore, understanding how we become distracted and the limitations of our concentration, can help your employees to better manage their own workloads and better recognise when their concentration or focus is compromised. NewPsych will also provide practical techniques and advice for better managing the impact of personal life at work, in order to avoid bringing in the additional distractions to the mining site. With these new tools on hand, your crews will have better concentration, less distractions and your worksites will be less accident-prone.

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