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Mental Health

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Peer Supporter Training

NewPsych’s Peer Supporter training is designed to provide people with the tools to notice indicators of poor mental health, develop the skills to connect with others, know what to do if someone is mentally unwell or suicidal, and provide guidance on how individuals can look after themselves in the context of supporting others.

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Domestic & Family violence

Domestic & Family Violence is more prevalent in the community than most people are aware. Each week, 1 woman is killed and each month 1 man is killed by a current or former partner in Australia.
From the beginning of 2023, employees became able to access 10 days of paid family and domestic violence leave across a 12 month period. In light of these changes, there are many workplace considerations in terms of safety and safety planning that are required in order for employers to discharge their duty of care to employees. This session aims to educate on the realities of the prevalence of Domestic & Family Violence, provide guidance on the duties of the workplace, look at boundaries and confidentiality, discuss red flags which may identify a risk, and the importance of establishing support systems in the workplace.

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Grief & Loss

This short course aims at exploring the process of grief and loss.

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Vicarious Trauma

When professionals are working with survivors of traumatic experiences, there is a risk that their exposure to these experiences can trigger a trauma response in the worker. Vicarious trauma refers to the development of beliefs and attitudes in response to hearing about the traumatic experience of another. As the care goes on, the impact of the original traumatic event on the worker can accumulate and drive them towards burnout. Therefore, learning how to manage one’s own self-care is vital when working with survivors of traumatic events. Let the team at NewPsych provide insight and strategies to keep the balance, so that you may continue helping others.

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You don’t need to be a trained expert to help your mates through their tough times. You just need to be willing to ask and listen. RUOK day is not just about raising awareness for suicide and depression, but also for the effectiveness of good social support and the importance of checking in and asking “are you ok?”.

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Managing Anxiety

What is anxiety? How do I cope with these feelings? How can I support myself and others who experience anxiety? If these are questions you find yourself asking, this training has been developed to help answer them. It will explain what anxiety is, how we can recognise it in ourselves, and some of the processes behind it. You will also learn practical strategies of how to manage anxiety or help others manage it.

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SmashTheStigma: Asking for Help

This session highlights the importance of talking about mental health and why we often hesitate to. It addresses the stigma, the facts and the importance of connection with others. It also explains how and why to seek professional help.

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