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"Every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen."

Amy Winehouse

Sara Jephcott

Provisional Psychologist


Sara shares her time as a Provisional Psychologist across two roles, working both at NewPsych and in a not-for-profit organisation. She has been working as a Provisional Psychologist for over a year and, before this, worked in the performing arts. Sara has an interest in the humanistic branch of psychology and generally applies this style to her work with people. She views therapy as an opportunity to discover the unique attributes and experiences that make up each and every person. Sara works with people to foster these attributes as a way to access a more autonomous, connected and vibrant life. 

Sara is currently utilising evidence based treatment models like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in her work. She has a keen interest in relational models of psychotherapy as a way of understanding the space that exists between people. Sara is working to deepen her knowledge in the relational field and apply this into her practice.


Outside of psychology, Sara spends her time painting, learning kung fu, enjoying time with her children, and hitting the beach.


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