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"Out of difficulties
grow miracles.”

Jean de la Bruyere

Maria O'Callaghan

Clinical Psychologist


Maria has experience working with clients with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and major depression. She is also experienced with treating anxiety, trauma, stress and adjustment issues.


Maria is passionate about helping people through difficult times. She works collaboratively with her clients to identify how they can live more meaningful lives aligned with their goals and values.


Maria uses a range of therapies depending on client preference. She is experienced with cognitive behaviour therapy, motivational interviewing, conversational model and acceptance and commitment therapy. She believes in the power of the therapeutic alliance to facilitate change and growth.


Maria is a big animal lover; one of her favourite pastimes is taking her beautiful border collie on walks and adventures.

If you wish to meet with a psychologist with Indigenous experience other than Maria, please contact our practice on (02) 4926 5005


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