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"Commitment isn’t about being perfect, always following through, or never going astray. Commitment means that when you (inevitably) stumble or get off track, you pick yourself up, find your bearings, and carry on in the direction you want to go."

Russ Harris

Lauren Rogers

Clinical Psychologist Registrar


Lauren has been providing diagnostic assessments and therapy for over three years. She is experienced in helping people with all sorts of issues and presentations including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, neurodivergence, substance use, grief and loss, trauma, emotional dysregulation and parenting difficulties. Regardless of the challenges they face, Lauren is committed to helping her clients to live in a way that is meaningful to them – whatever that may look like.


Lauren believes wholeheartedly in using a person-centred approach and will tailor therapy to be uniquely matched to her clients. This is to ensure her clients are fully engaged and getting the most out of their therapeutic experience, because she’s very passionate about this (just ask her about her Master’s Thesis)!! Lauren uses scientific, evidence based approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

In her spare time, Lauren can be found in the sun, in the garden or in the pages of a good book! She also loves spending time with her dog, her family and her friends.


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