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"All people at any given point in time are doing the best they can."

Marsha Linehan

Fiona MacDonald
Clinical Psychologist


Fiona trained in the UK and was qualified as a Charter Clinical Psychologist in England in 2002. For 17 years Fiona worked as a psychologist with adults with intellectual disabilities, before transitioning to working with women with emotional regulation difficulties in an Inpatient Unit in the UK.  She worked for two years in the hospital using CBT and DBT, and was a leader for her clinical team. Fiona recently moved to Australia and joined the NewPsych team.


Fiona is skilled at developing supportive and non-judgemental therapeutic alliances with clients, especially with those for whom interpersonal relationships are a particular challenge. Fiona is passionate about the impact of childhood trauma, the ongoing re-traumatisation this generates into adulthood, and the value of psycho-education about trauma for clients and their loved ones to aid recovery.

Fiona has a person-centred approach and generally calls on Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Narrative approaches in her work with individuals.

Fiona is very excited about moving to Newcastle and is exploring the delights it has to offer; especially live music, restaurants and beaches!


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