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Pillar 1: The Meaning of Life

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What is the meaning of life? We won't solve this one, but we will nail down what is meaningful in YOUR life. But why? Well, we’re all so busy that life can pass by without us stopping to think if this is how you really want to live your life. We all know of someone who works all their life and retires with great plans for travelling the country, only to get sick and never make it. Or someone who has regrets on their death bed. So how do we remember to choose to do the things that are important to us? This pillar will help! The first step is to ask yourself: • Who am I? (and who am I not?) • What makes me tick? • What do I stand for? • How do I want to be remembered? Once you REALLY understand what makes you tick, you’ll use this to make sure you’re choosing to spend your energy on what's important to you. You’ll understand the current the state of your well-being and set some goals for YOUR Complete Miner journey over the next 12 months. This is a great start to share with your coach if you're going to give that a go. Each month will focus on a different Pillar, including four 20-minute Blocks – so try to get through one each week. Enjoy!

Pillar 1
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