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"Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks insides awakes.”
Dr Carl Gustav Jung

Alexand MacFarlane

Clinical Psychologist


Alexand has over twenty years’ experience in clinical, consulting, training, and academic psychology and is a fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.  Initially trained in exercise physiology, Alexand completed her clinical/ experimental psychology training (Canada/USA) with honours. 


Alexand is passionate about the beneficial effects of an integrated holistic approach, individual differences in inherent needs-values-strengths-risks, and in pathways to optimal well-being. She is currently completing a PhD combining these areas. 

Empathic and client-centred, Alexand feels privileged to work with adults toward greater well-being. She is skilled in assisting with anxiety disorders, eating disorders, trauma, depression, stress/worry, adjustment, family-of-origin issues, personal and work relationships, self-esteem, and general self-development. 

In treatment Alexand utilises a tailor-made blend of various evidence-based approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment, Cognitive-Behavioural, Compassion-Focused, Psychodynamic, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness.


She is a lover of water-side jogging, documentaries, film, music, and dear ones around the globe.


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