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"Can’t cut it out, it will grow right back".


Sascha Isaacs

Provisional Psychologist


Sascha is a provisionally registered Psychologist who has previously worked within child protection and the workers compensation sector. She uses a client-centred approach, working with young people and adults to help them to better understand themselves and work through life’s complexities.  Sascha draws on a combination of evidence-based approaches, using elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and Emotion Focused Therapy when working with clients - depending on their individual desires and needs. She places importance on a non-judgmental, holistic approach to improving mental wellbeing.

Outside of work Sascha enjoys just being with her family, and spends most of her time on the farm cuddling chickens, working horses, asking her husband to fix fences, and trying to tire out her three working dogs.

If you wish to meet with a psychologist with Indigenous experience other than Sascha, please contact our practice on 49265005.


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