"Practising gratitude invites joy into our lives."

Brene Brown

Rhonda Murrey 



Rhonda has worked for over 27 years helping people to deal with conflict and distress in areas of loneliness, grief and loss, trauma, abuse, work and health problems as well as in  specific issues relating to anxiety, depression and compulsive thoughts and behaviours. She also has a background in forensic psychology.


Rhonda believes in listening well and in treating her clients with care in an environment that is empowering, offers hope and builds resilience. She tailors her approach to individual issues, while favouring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and new discoveries in neuroscience.

In addition to her work with people, Rhonda is an avid reader and crafter - making clothes and other garments - and enjoys really stretching her skills in this area. She also enjoys nature and aquarobics.