"Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them".

Daniel Seigel

Meg McClurg

Psychologist – currently on maternity leave


Since completing her Bachelor of Psychology Meg has worked with a range of clients across a variety of settings. Meg has experience in working with children diagnosed with disabilities and their families. She has worked with children 3-13 diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Intellectual Disability, 22Q, and developmental delay as well as children who come from a background of trauma. Meg has worked with children experiencing anxiety, including performance anxiety and separation anxiety.


Meg also has experience working with athletes, ranging from those competing at local level to those competing on the world stage. In this space Meg has worked with individuals, teams and coaches across areas such as managing emotions, mental skills training, dealing with pressure and mindfulness. 


Meg is passionate about empowering individuals with the awareness, knowledge and skills to be confident in themselves, achieve their goals and act with compassion towards themselves and others.


Outside of work Meg loves anything outdoors - hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and taking her doggo to the beach are some of her favourites!