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Emma Hevers

"Every shadow no matter how deep is threatened by morning light".

The Fountain-Isabel Creo

Emma Hevers

Clinical Psychologist


Emma is a Clinical Psychologist, who has been practicing as a Psychologist for nearly 10 years. Emma shares her professional time between the community based mental health setting and NewPsych. Emma believes that life can throw many challenges, and each experience of this is unique to the individual. She is passionate about helping you achieve your mental health and wellbeing goals.


Emma specialises in a number of mental health diagnostic areas, including early psychosis; trauma; family systems work; addictive based behaviour; anxiety; depression; suicide risk assessment and management; and, self-harming (non-suicidal self-injury) behaviours.

Emma works within a person-centred approach, is skilled in a variety of evidence-based therapy models, and will tailor treatment models to individual needs. Emma enjoys working with clinical presentations across the lifespan and is experienced in both individual and group based therapies.


Emma values spending her personal time with family and enjoys running.


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