#SmashTheStigma is a NewPsych led program aimed at reducing the stigma around mental health. We deliver a 30-minute session created to break down the barriers that many people in mining, trade and other industries associate with asking for help. It can be delivered to a large group and is a great way to familiarise employees with mental health, understanding the cost of not asking for support, solutions and why talking to a psychologist is different to talking to a friend.

NewPsych partnered with Whitehaven Coal in August 2021 to deliver the SmashTheStigma program to every crew at every mine site across the organisation.

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Everyone Has A Story

NewPsych collaborated with Bloomfield Group to support their Everyone Has A Story project, which aims to highlight the prevalence of mental health struggles across the community, and normalise seeking help.

Clinical Director, Tarnya Davis supported the wellbeing of everyone involved during the project’s development and provided clinical guidance and expertise. You can view the video here.

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My Mindset

The My Mindset program commenced with the adoption of the well-known model of a periodic medical. A My Mindset bus visits the workplace and a clinician from our EAP team offers a 20-minute one-on-one dedicated mental health awareness session with every single employee. The approach has broken down barriers and increased the likelihood of workers accessing mental health support when they need it. What was once a taboo topic was now being discussed as workers began talking about mental health with their workmates.

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Mental Safety App

The mental health of workers can be seriously impacted by a workplace incident. This is particularly the case for key workers such as first responders, WHS professionals, human resource professionals and business leaders/owners. This application is designed to help you and your business protect both your own and your workers’ Mental Safety before, during and after a significant workplace incident.

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