Crisis Support

NewPsych is there to help with crisis support when there is a serious event that has the likelihood to impact upon the workforce. These can include sudden and unexpected events that are life threatening or potentially life threatening both at work and outside of work such as:

  • Serious accidents

  • Injury or death of employee or their family members

  • Witnessing a traumatic event

  • Violence or threats of violence

  • Self-harm or threats of self-harm

  • Natural disasters 

Other organisational events likely to impact upon employees and benefit from an onsite service are:

  • Redundancies

  • Organisational change

The response provided by NewPsych will be tailored to the event. In some cases, support and coaching is provided to organisational leaders to ensure best response. There may be an immediate onsite service, drop in support as needed, coaching to leaders regarding communication, or follow up could be offered off-site. Evidence suggests that group debriefing is not best practice, and that for some people it is likely to exacerbate their psychological symptoms. NewPsych does not provide group debriefings and instead adheres to best practice response including Psychological First Aid (ensuring safety, emotional support and connection is available and offering ongoing support at a later date). We may continue to attend onsite as needed, or return at particularly important times such as anniversaries. We also take note of those at increased risk because of the nature of the event and their role (i.e., colleague, first responder, family) and ensure people are offered follow-up treatment as needed.