Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

An EAP is designed to enhance the emotional and psychological wellbeing of an organisation's employees and their immediate family members.

The aim of an EAP is to provide preventative and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and resolution of both work and personal problems that may adversely affect an employee's performance and wellbeing.

What are the benefits to your business of an excellent EAP?

Australian studies have found that EAPs can return between 5 and 10 times the employer's investment, which includes savings in absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover as well as improving engagement and morale.

There are also cost savings in regard to safety risks as well as the positive benefits of demonstrating employee concern and support.

An effective EAP is the foundation to a successful workplace health and productivity strategy. An EAP is also increasingly becoming an industry standard, and will make the business an employer of choice in recruitment.


It is a win for both organisations and their people.

What does NewPsych EAP offer?

NewPsych provides EAP services to a large number of businesses in the Hunter and across the state. 

Our EAP package includes: 

  • Psychological assessment and counselling for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.

  • Evidence based practice by highly qualified and experienced Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists (where necessary), with specialties in diverse treatment areas.

  • Critical response 24/7 with an expert team trained in trauma response.

  • Onsite presence where suitable to build familiarity, mental health awareness and confidence in reaching out.

  • Specialist training for leaders and employees, tailored to the unique needs of your business.

  • Leader services, including manager’s help line and one-on-one coaching to support your leaders to maximise employee wellbeing and organisational outcomes.

  • Mediation to reduce the likelihood of workers compensation claims and further costs to your business associated with conflict in the workplace.

  • Assessment services including Fitness for Work assessments and Return to Work planning.

  • Reports of EAP service usage and trends to support management and organisational decision-making.

  • Dedicated, qualified and responsive EAP service team including Clinical Director, External Relations Officer and Accounts Administrator to ensure effective and comprehensive support.

If you are interested in finding out more, feel free to call Tarnya Davis on 02 4926 5005 and you can catch up for a chat and see what she can tailor for your business, or click HERE to request a follow up.

What do our EAP clients say about us?

"The Bloomfield Group has had the pleasure to have the support of Tarnya Davis and her team at NewPsych since 2015. I have worked in a HR role for 18 years, and would say without any doubt that this team are the most professional providers for employee assistance programs that I have dealt with. 

It is comforting to know that our team members are in good hands through some of their challenging moments in life, particularly with how important it is in our industry for people to have their mind on the job. With over 600 employees in our business, we have never heard anything but positive feedback from them about the service and support NewPsych provide. From how pleasant the support on the first call was, to how quickly they were able to be seen and how important they felt when their matters were being addressed. 


Tarnya feels like part of our team with her business partner approach to dealing with her clients.She understands our business and structures her support around our circumstances, making the relationship strong.


Whether you have or don’t have an employee assistance program, I encourage you to look at the NewPsych team. You won’t be disappointed.”

Renata Roberts – Chief Corporate Service Officer

The Bloomfield Group

I have been working with Tarnya and the Newpsych psychology team for the past 7 years.


The customer service, communication and attention to detail is outstanding.


Tarnya and her team have been called upon at short notice all hours of the day and night to respond to critical events we have had. They have always been available and acted quickly to provide support.


I have utilised their one on one counselling services, critical incident debriefing, training in a variety of topics, supervisor support programs as well as their EAP, EMDR and psychiatry assessments for fitness for work.


The staff are all highly skilled and the client feedback I have received has always been of a high standard.


If you are looking for a one stop psychology practice that can deliver time and time again look no further. I would have no hesitation recommending Newpsych."

Kristy Griffiths 

Bengalla Mining Company Pty. Ltd.

"Ravensworth Operations (Glencore) are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Tarnya Davis and her team at NewPsych for over 7 years. During this time NewPsych have provided critical response, onsite support and education on mental health issues to our workforce of over 700 people.

Newpsych are responsible for coordinating the Employee Assistance Program at Ravensworth and are continually working to empower our workers to make decisions that have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing." 

Ellen Roots – Health and Safety Coordinator 


"Tarnya and the Newpsych team have supported our business since 2017 and were instrumental in supporting us through an onsite fatality and a period of significant change in our business. The team have always delivered prompt, professional and effective support  and we have had nothing but positive feedback regarding Tarnya and her team.


The way in which they interact is understated, but effective. Each team member has different needs and Tarnya ensures that she brings the right person to support each individual. They have delivered excellent training and support to our leaders and personnel on site. I highly recommend Newpsych to any business looking to engage a highly proficient team of psychologists who have supported our organisation through some difficult times and helped us be resilient and move forward both individually but also collectively."

Cam Halfpenny – General Manager 

Bengalla Mining Company Pty. Limited